Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Trading Products

SQUEAK....SQUEAK...."Hey, what is the sound over there?"..."'s the Syrian Hamster!!!"...
Hey there, come on visit our trading. We have Syrian hamster and also Betta fish. Relax your mind with our mind-blowing pets. Feel stressed with assignments, exams and boring hobbies? Just buy our product, you w
ill not regret buying it. It is an interesting hobby and also mind relaxing. Research shows that fish can be a good mind relaxer.

Want to buy our product, but don't know the price? or Think it is expensive? Don't worry, our products are cheaper than the pet shops. Don't believe it? Here we provide some price information of our products.

Syrian Hamster

  • Single purchase
Hamster = RM 14 each
= RM 26 per pair
Cage = RM 20 each
Wood flakes = RM 2 each (brown) and RM 3 each (white)
Feed = RM 2 each

Take note:- Promotion price is applied when there is necessary. Promotion prices are determined by size of purchase.

  • Package purchase
Price for complete package = 1 hamster + cage + wood flakes + feed
= RM 33

Price for complete package = 2 hamster + cage + wood flakes + feed
= RM 45

Betta Fish

  • Half Moon = RM 12
  • Plakat = RM 14

*note that for betta fish, the price will be differ depending on the breed and strain... above is the roughly price for each...

What are you waiting for now????!!!!! Just come on and visit our company and purchase our product!! You will not regret!!!! ;)


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